Tata Tinplate adopts AWS Cloud Infrastructure for
Tableau Implementation


Tata Tinplate (TCIL) required elaborate data visualisation to present its product related data & business analytics before its senior management. They had internally selected Tableau as a tool for data discovery and visualisation, to draw exhaustive insights and enable effective business strategising.

Tableau is one of the fastest evolving Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualisation tools of today that can be rapidly deployed, easily learned and is acutely intuitive to be used.

Tableau, however, has wide hardware requirements and Tata Tinplate was not looking for on-premises hosting opportunity. TCIL had a huge Oracle database with operational business data.

On-premise hosting would not only result in capital expenditure in order to procure fixed assets, but would also require regular upgrade and maintenance for data build-up - All of which would have been computed as Capital Expenditure for the company.

Solution Overview

Tata Tinplate was looking for economic cloud-based solution that could be scaled depending on usage. Cloud Hosting was precisely the catch-all solution befitting the purpose for data and performance requirements. The standalone business data analysis and intelligence tool, Tableau, needed a stable platform to base the related Business Intelligence (BI) data on, in a way that the data and compute load doesn't impact deployment needs, and the costs for hosting would also be optimized.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has consistently been the market leader in Cloud services since its launch in 2006. The Pay-as-you-go model as well as on-demand services gave the flexibility and scalability to have Tableau implemented on the AWS Cloud platform at optimized cost for the customer. The need for flexible 'Compute, Memory and Storage' was sufficiently met by AWS along with the best pricing of inventory.

Stages leading to Production and Infra Management

AIT had already migrated its entire Tata Tinplate Corporate web workloads to AWS platform by then. With ample expertise to architect, host and manage cloud infrastructure, AIT & AWS jointly proposed to configure Proof of Concept (POC) for Tableau implementation on AWS for the customer. The Tableau POC was successfully carried out to cater to all dependencies regarding data import to Oracle RDS securely from on-prem data store and analysed by Tableau as per business requirements. It was then presented before the Tata Tinplate (TCIL) senior management for consideration.

Scope of work for AIT

AIT was responsible for architecting, hosting & deployment on AWS Cloud for TCIL's Tableau implementation. Besides, AIT continues to be liable for managed services towards the deployed infrastructure, offering uptime guarantee, proactive support and SLA driven response and resolution.

To enable site to site connection between the TCIL corporate network and the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), AIT had created a virtual private network (VPN). The VPN tunnel allows access to the Tableau server from multiple networks across TCIL Corporate locations.

Besides the initial setup of the infra and data migration, AIT continues to be responsible for:

  • 1 Health Monitoring
  • 2 Log Monitoring and Archival
  • 3 Managing Security Rules
  • 4 Backup & Restoration
  • 5 Alarm Monitoring and Resolution
  • 6 Running of scripted jobs like auto startup & shutdown

The payback for picking AWS

Opting for AWS Infra set-up and migration had multiple benefits for TCIL, as enlisted below:

Customised VPN set-up - The Amazon VPN is customised to fit TCIL's data requirements, which makes it easier for them to access the cloud infra securely.

Enhanced security - Designed as a private network, the dedicated VPN channel ensures that the TCIL data isn't externally exposed, thereby enabling enhanced data protection.

Accessible across locations - Though, only made accessible over the corporate network, the VPN allows data to be pulled across all TCIL office locations.

Cost-optimisation - The server has been set-up to be used only during TCIL business hours, and doesn't run 24*7, which in turn results in cost savings for the company. This facility of auto startup and shutdown was a business requirement towards optimisation of cost.

Outcome and Customer Reaction

We (The Tinplate Co. of India Limited) had implemented Tableau on AWS Cloud with the support of Allindia Technologies Ltd. Nevertheless, would like to appreciate Allindia Technologies Ltd, as AWS Partner, for providing support for cloud infrastructure set-up, starting from POC till GO-Live of the project. Their level of understanding of user requirement and response time for project delivery is commendable. We are delighted with their present managed services being offered towards AWS infra management.

Tinplate Company of India Limited

The Tinplate Company of India Limited (TCIL)
is a subsidiary of Tata Steel Ltd and is the country's leading tinplate producer. Operating in India since 1920, TCIL has pan-India presence and consistently delivers high quality products meeting stringent customer requirements. With its extensive Cold Rolling Mills (CRMs), Electrolytic Tinning Lines (ETLs) and world-class Printing & Lacquering Lines, the manufacturer caters across packaging industry and diverse segments including Edible Oils, Paints & Pesticides, Processed Foods, Battery & Aerosols, and more.

Allindia Technologies

Allindia Technologies Ltd. (AIT) has established itself as an independent digital communication agency providing technologically enabled communication solutions to meet the requirements of its esteemed client base spread across India and the world. The Company provides AWS Cloud Infra Solutions to its clients along with server management, supported by its team of experienced and professional administrators. In addition to AWS hosting, the Company also offers AWS Infra Management, monitoring and server support and security solutions for its clients, to help them inexpensively scale business applications.