22nd May 2024, Wednesday
Volume XVII Issue 21
Welcome back! Here's your weekly dose of tech knowledge with Ideate. In this week's top news, Meta is planning to shut down its Workplace enterprise platform, which could impact many users. That's not all - Twitter is now a thing of the past as the URL has changed to X.com. There's plenty more news that deserves your attention. Dive into this week's complete edition of Ideate to catch up on all the important developments in the digital space. As always, we have our special features: "Site of The Week" and "Idea of The Week." Don't miss out!
Google adds new accessibility features to Lookout, Maps, and more

On Global Accessibility Day, Google unveiled new accessibility features across a wide range of products like Maps, Lookout, Android and more. The Google Lookout app, which helps... read more

Source: The Indian Express
Google Play Store offers option to update apps with 'limited amount of mobile data': Here's how to enable it

Updating apps is essential for smooth functioning of smartphones. App updates, in many cases, use substantial amounts of data. Google Play Store, the default app store that... read more

Source: The Indian Express
Rajesh Khanna as the owner of Emami

Did you know Rajesh Khanna once played the role of Emami's owner? Learn more about this fun fact in Emami's latest social media creative.

Instagram Says Posting Longer Reels Can Hurt Your Performance

According to Instagram's content team, posting Reels longer than 90 seconds can actually hurt your reach in the app... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Google Search will soon get a new 'web' filter: Here's what it does

Google Search, the most popular internet search engine on the planet, is bringing some changes to the way we look up information. At the recently concluded Google I/O, the... read more

Source: The Indian Express
Google Shares Developments for On-Device Generative AI Features in Android Devices

Google I/O 2024 shed light on the new artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives taken by the company and how it plans to integrate them within its Android platform. During sessions... read more

Source: Gadgets 360
Meta Is Shutting Down Its Workplace Enterprise Platform

While it seemed like a promising side-offering at one stage, evidently, Meta has decided that an enterprise platform is not a part of its future... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Twitter Is Gone, With x.com Now the Primary Domain for the App

Last week marked the end of an era in social media, and it's quite likely that you didn't even realize it. On Friday, X, the platform... read more

Source: Social Media Today


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