15th May 2024, Wednesday
Volume XVII Issue 20
Welcome back to another episode of Ideate, where we plunge into the latest happenings in the digital world. In this edition, we'll delve into the top stories of the week. Google Messages is gearing up to reveal the identities of unknown contacts, but there's a twist to this upcoming feature that you won't want to miss - details await in this edition's comprehensive coverage. Additionally, in the realm of AI, ChatGPT introduces a new capability to analyse files stored on Google Drive and OneDrive. Dive deeper into these intriguing developments and more. Don't forget to explore our creatively curated Site of the Week and Idea of the Week, sure to captivate your imagination. Happy reading!
ChatGPT may soon be able to analyse files stored on Google Drive and OneDrive

ChatGPT, one of the most popular AI chatbots worldwide keeps getting better and better, thanks to developers at OpenAI constantly... read more

Source: The Indian Express
Google app gets a new 'Share' button for search results

The Google app on Android is getting a new 'Share' button that lets users quickly share links that appear in search results without having to open them. This means users no longer have to open the link and copy the URL to share it with others... read more

Source: The Indian Express
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Google Lens may soon get new Circle to Search like features

Earlier this year, Google introduced a new feature called "Circle to Search" that allows users to search for anything they see on their phone's screen without switching applications... read more

Source: The Indian Express
Google Messages may soon start showing names of unknown contacts, but there's a catch

Google Messages may be getting a new feature that shows the name of the person who contacted you in notifications. The upcoming... read more

Source: The Indian Express
OpenAI's rival to Google search: What is it and how is it different?

A day after Google CEO Sundar Pichai's interview, where he appeared unfazed about the rising competition in AI, now it seems OpenAI is set to march past Google. Pichai emphasised how Google Search will continue to be different... read more

Source: The Indian Express
WhatsApp testing redesigned voice call UI, moves end and mute button to the top bar

Almost a decade ago, the developers introduced an option that let users make voice calls from the app itself, but since then, the audio call... read more

Source: The Indian Expess
Google Wallet is now available in India but not for all Android users, full list of eligible devices

Google recently launched its Wallet app for Android smartphone users in India. This free app will be used as a digital hub to store rewards, tickets, and even a car key... read more

Source: India Today


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