7th February 2024, Wednesday
Volume XVII Issue 06
Hello there! Welcome to Ideate, your weekly dive into the digital realm's dimensions. As always, we'll guide you through the significant happenings of the past week in the digital landscape. Our main highlight this week is Instagram's testing of a new feature allowing users to preview feed post placement before publishing, a boon for creators. Meanwhile, Amazon has rolled out Rufus, a custom generative AI support, currently in Beta Testing phase. There's plenty more to discover. Delve into the full edition of this week's Ideate. Don't miss out on our creatively curated "Site of the Week" and "Idea of the Week" sections.
YouTube app for Apple Vision Pro is 'on the roadmap', says report

Back in January, YouTube stated that it had no plans to launch a native app for Apple's first spatial computer, Vision Pro. However, in just a few weeks, things have turned around. YouTube has officially confirmed to The Verge that the company is currently developing a native YouTube app... read more

Source: The Indian Express
Amazon Introduces Generative AI Shopping Assistant Rufus, Available for Beta Testing

The e-commerce giant introduced an AI-powered shopping assistant called Rufus last week, claiming that it would improve the shopping... read more

Source: Gadget 360
Eveready Power Play Contest

Eveready's latest Power Play contest generated an enormous response on social media, captivating thousands on the newest platforms. Curious to see how it unfolded? Click the link to find out!

Facebook Continues to Add Users After 20 Years of Existence

Despite ongoing predictions of its demise, and countless straight up declarations of the same, Facebook is still going strong, and still adding users, despite the app now having been... read more

Source: Social Media Today
How Google Maps' live location can help you find a stolen phone

Google Maps is one of the most widely used web mapping platforms globally, and the company recently introduced the ability to share live locations with friends and family. This feature proved instrumental in tracking and will also help users to recover a stolen smartphone... read more

Source: The Indian Express
LinkedIn's Removing its 'Creator Mode' Option

LinkedIn is getting rid of its "Creator Mode" option as part of its broader shift away from hashtags as a connective tool... read more

Source: Social Media Today
YouTube Tests Alternate Color Feeds for Premium Users

According to 9 to 5 Google, YouTube's currently testing out a new way to sort videos, based on the predominant color of (seemingly) the thumbnail image. As you can see... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Instagram Tests New Option to Preview Feed Post Placement Before Publishing

Instagram is currently testing a new option with some users that enables you to view how your feed posts will look on your profile grid before you publish, so you can ensure that each update fits... read more

Source: Social Media Today

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