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Volume XVI Issue 46
Hey there! Welcome to this week's Ideate. We hope you had an awesome Diwali that will stick in your memory for years. Speaking of Diwali, let's check out some fantastic campaigns by brands this year in our latest edition. Trust us, these campaigns are incredibly well-crafted and you definitely don't want to skip them. But that's not all! This week, the digital realm has some intriguing developments, and here's a head-turner: Google is gearing up to delete a whopping 1 million Gmail accounts on December 1! To catch up on all the digital buzz, be sure to flip through this week's Ideate. And, don't miss our Site of the Week and Idea of the Week. They're designed to spark your creativity and encourage thinking beyond the usual boundaries. Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!
Google in talks to invest in AI startup Character.AI

Alphabet's Google is in talks to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Character.AI, as the fast growing artificial intelligence chatbot startup seeks capital to train models and keep up with... read more

Source: The Indian Express
Facebook and Instagram Introduce Support for Seamless Shopping via Amazon: How it Works

Facebook and Instagram recently added support for the ability to make purchases via Amazon without leaving the social networking apps. The seamless shopping experience on Meta's apps is reportedly part of a new partnership with the... read more

Source: Gadget 360
Eveready Diwali Greetings

Eveready, India's no.1 battery brand, has wished a happy and prosperous Diwali to everyone in a truly creative way. The company, with its amazing products, makes sure that India keeps shining.

YouTube Launches Updated Copyright Claims Process to Help Creators Avoid Violations

YouTube's looking to improve its copyright claim process, so that creators don't get bombarded with multiple claims, while it's also looking to provide more options to help creators... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Google will delete millions of Gmail accounts on December 1, here is how you can keep yours safe

Earlier this year, Google announced an update to its inactive account policies. Under the new policy, Google said that it will delete accounts that have not been used or signed into for at least... read more

Source: Gadget 360
Ex-Google employees develop AI startup that lets you talk to celebs, company likely to invest millions in it

Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the tech world since last year and we have seen many startups, mid-sized firms and tech giants invest in the area. From Microsoft, Google and Amazon to Bain and Co, companies from all sectors... read more

Source: India Today
Instagram Tests New Elements to Feed into More Enclosed Group Sharing

Instagram continues to lean into more private sharing, with a series of new updates in testing that will provide more ways for users to interact in smaller groups. First off, Instagram's testing new ways to respond to inbox Notes, with users... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Diwali 2023: Campaigns that dazzle

Ad Nut barely had time to stash away its sunscreen and start stashing acorns for the impending winter when, lo and behold, holiday-themed ads started hitting with gusto... read more

Source: Campaign

Make HR Work

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Creative Coding: Making Visuals with JavaScript

Experimenting with creative coding never gets boring-there's always something to explore, new techniques to learn, or new images to create. For creative coder Bruno Imbrizi, it's an opportunity to merge his interests with motion graphics and visuals with programming.

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