13th September 2023, Wednesday
Volume XVI Issue 37
Step into this week's edition of Ideate and explore the evolving horizons of the digital realm. Among the featured highlights this week, Meta is currently in the process of developing a new AI system that is going to be the most advanced one in future. According to Meta, it is going to outshine all the existing artificial intelligence models, promising unrivalled potency. On the other hand, WhatsApp is gearing up to introduce a new feature that will enable users of this platform to seamlessly connect and exchange messages with users from third-party apps. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, pivotal decisions are being made that can reshape your digital experience. Want to know more exciting news? Well, you can find all that in this episode of Ideate. Be sure not to overlook our "Site of the Week" and "Idea of the Week" as these will allow you to stretch the boundaries of your imagination.
YouTube starts making the 'Subscribe' button glow when creators ask you to subscribe

If you've spent any time on YouTube over the past couple of years, you're probably well aware of how often creators ask your to subscribe to their channels - and rightly so, given the amount of time that often goes into creating content for the platform. Now, in a new test, YouTube is emphasizing creator's statements with a new feature that makes the actual "Subscribe" button glow in line with the request. Showing up for some users... read more

Source: 9 To 5 Google
WhatsApp Chat Interoperability Feature Spotted in Development on Latest Beta Update: Report

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to connect and message users from third-party apps. This means that WhatsApp users will be able to communicate with users on different platforms without requiring the recipients to download WhatsApp to connect with them. A WhatsApp for Android beta update (version that was recently released reportedly contains a new screen called " Third-party chats"... read more

Source: India Today
Tata Power's Sustainability Initiative

Tata Power places a strong emphasis on preserving resources, improving energy efficiency, safeguarding habitats, and fostering the growth of local communities in the vicinity of our operational zones. visit site

WhatsApp Rolling Out Improvements To Calling Interface: Know More

The Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out improvements to the calling interface. These improvements not only give more information on the screen but also show that the Meta-owned app wants to make it easier for users to handle their calls. "WhatsApp aims to better highlight the option to quickly add new participants to the call without any interruption for the current call. After installing the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update, which is available on the TestFlight app, we noticed that WhatsApp is now releasing improvements... read more

Source: News 18
Meta Developing New AI System as Powerful as Most Advanced OpenAI Model: Report

Meta Platforms is working on a new artificial-intelligence system intended to be as powerful as the most advanced model offered by OpenAI, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, citing people familiar with the matter. The Facebook parent is aiming for its new AI model to be ready next year, the Journal said, adding it will be several times more powerful than its commercial version dubbed Llama 2. Llama 2 is Meta's open... read more

Source: Gadget 360
Google Now Offers AI-Powered Proofread Feature For Android Users

Google has started to roll out an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered "Proofread feature in Gboard but only for the beta users as of now. The "Proofread" option appears in the keyboard's toolbar with Gboard version 13.4, which is currently in beta on Android, allowing users to have their text checked for spelling or grammar errors on the fly, all powered by generative AI, as per media reports. The feature appeared on our Pixel Fold as... read more

Source: News 18
Instagram's Threads rolls out search feature in India

Instagram's text-based social media app Threads has finally released its keyword search function to users across English-speaking countries, including India, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said in a post on Friday... read more

Source: The Hindu
Snapchat introduces new features to enhance teen online safety | Details here

Snap Inc. has unveiled a series of new features aimed at safeguarding the online experiences of 13-17-year-olds on Snapchat. These enhancements, set to roll out in the coming weeks, the social media platform says, have been designed to achieve three primary objectives: 1) shield teenagers from unsolicited contact by unfamiliar individuals; 2) curate age-appropriate content on the platform; and 3) bolster the removal of accounts that may be attempting to promote age-inappropriate material through the introduction of a new strike system and advanced detection technologies... read more

Source: Hindustan Times

Justine Soulié

Introducing Justine Soulié, a Paris-based freelance art director with a focus on motion and illustration. Explore her work, featuring interactive animated illustrations using WebGL!

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Memorable UI Design For Interactive Experiences

When a web designer receives a creative brief, an entire journey is laid out in front of them. Research, visual strategy, UX/UI design, web building, animation, and more. Without directions, this workflow can become tangled, inefficient, and yield poor results. This course provides a map on how to navigate the wonderful world of web design.

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