15th March 2023, Wednesday
Volume XVI Issue 11
Guess what's coming up! Facebook's parent Meta is exploring a Twitter-like app, and we are discovering a standalone decentralized social network for sharing text updates. Interesting, right? Are you aware of the Youtube updates regarding the ad-friendly guidelines for inappropriate language? Read how Twitter's planning to extend a long form tweak to 10K characters. Did you know that ChatGPT is now in India, and the free days are far from over? ChatGPT 4 will launch next week- so, know how it can generate videos through AI. Read about the latest WhatsApp updates as Meta-owned messaging platform will aid the communities for the business application for iOS. Check out some of the creatively done Site of the Week and Idea of the Week.
Facebook parent Meta is exploring Twitter-like app

Meta Platforms Inc. is exploring plans to launch a new social media app in its bid to displace Twitter as the world's "digital town square". "We're exploring a standalone decentralized... read more

Source: Al Jazeera
Meta's Developing a Decentralized Twitter Alternative, According to Reports

With many Twitter users unhappy about the platform's changes under Elon Musk, and amid a growing push towards a new approach to social networking, with alternative systems of moderation and management... read more

Source: Social Media Today

FMCG major Keventer Agro Ltd has revamped its corporate website while introducing its Metro range of products in their new packaging and brand ambassador Saurav Ganguly. Let’s check out the all new, smartly designed vibrant website and the brand’s popular products! visit site

GPT-4 launch next week. Will it generate videos through AI?

Currently, ChatGPT and other GPT-3.5-powered technologies can only provide text-based responses. Aside from its... read more

Source: Hindustan Times
YouTube updates its Ad-Friendly Guidelines for Inappropriate Language

After hearing concerns from creators that its profanity policy resulted in a stricter approach than intended, YouTube has updated its advertiser friendly guidelines. The platform... read more

Source: Social Samosa
Twitter's Planning to Extend Long-Form Tweets to 10k Characters

Have you noticed those super-long tweets, hidden behind the 'Show more' indicator, appearing in your Twitter feed? Want to see even longer tweets? If you answered yes, you're in luck, because Elon Musk says that... read more

Source: Social Media Today
ChatGPT Plus Now in India, Free Days are Far From Over

OpenAI's ChatGPT has now officially launched ChatGPT Plus in India. ChatGPT Plus is a new and paid version of ChatGPT that aims to improve the AI experience for users during rush hours. On February 1, 2023, OpenAI had launched ChatGPT Plus, which was available only in the US... read more

Source: Analytics India Magazine
WhatsApp Update: Meta-Owned Messaging Platform To Bring Communities to Its Business Application for iOS

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is reportedly working. The platform is likely to add a new entry point for the new... read more

Source: Latestly

Puma Deviate Nitro

The new PUMA Deviate NITRO 2 in a captivating and exclusive high-fidelity 3D scrolling adventure that explores the shoes benefits from a different angle.

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Mana is a Montreal based company that creates and distributes Yerba Maté. The technology used are animation, illustration, promotional and 3D. Check out their website!

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