18th January 2023, Wednesday
Volume XVI Issue 03
So, its big news as Meta Creator Studio will soon be merged with the business suite. Let's delve deeper into this in the Ideate this week. Did you know that Twitter is going to launch advanced search in its mobile app? Quite fascinating indeed! Read about the 12 new Google Analytics for E-commerce dimensions and metrics. Understand how the Google Business profiles will stop allowing product price ranges on February 15th. Learn the way to launch NFTs with collaboration. Do you know when to start creating new social channels for your business? If you are considering leaving Twitter, then there are a few alternatives you must be aware of. Find out which ones. Take a look at our Site of the Week and Idea of the Week to understand how 3D art, technology, and animation can create wonders. Amongst new website launches, check out the all new smartly designed Tata Motors website for Auto Expo 2023. Enjoy reading!
Meta Creator Studio to merge with Business Suite

Meta Creator Studio tools would be moved into the Business Suite, in an attempt to bring all creator tools together under one hub... read more

Source: Social Samosa
12 new Google Analytics 4 ecommerce dimensions and metrics:

Ecommerce advertisers and brands will now be able view which items were added to cart, purchased, clicked, and more... read more

Source: Search Engine Land
Tata Motors - Auto Expo

Safer, Smarter and Greener... that's Tata Motor's aspiration for India. In keeping with this, the Company launched its Moving India campaign at the 2023 Auto Expo. Check out the future ready vehicles on this smartly designed website showcased at the expo this year. visit site

Where do you start when creating new social channels for your business?

It's a given that social media can drive online awareness for your business, but with the various sites out there, you may be... read more

Source: Buffer
Twitter's Looking to Launch Advanced Search in its Mobile App

It's been in the works for a while, and now, Twitter's getting close to launching its advanced search filters on mobile, which will provide... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Google Business Profiles to stop allowing price ranges on products on February 15

Google Business Profiles will only allow product pricing when the price is a single price, not a range of prices, starting on February 15, 2023... read more

Source: Search Engine Land
How to Launch NFTs With Collaborations

Are you thinking of launching an NFT collection? Wondering how to partner with other NFT communities to improve your launch? In this article, you'll discover how to launch NFTs with collaborations. What Do NFTs Really Mean for Businesses, Marketers... read more

Source: Social Media Examiner
Considering leaving Twitter? Here's a roundup of alternatives

Twitter's demise is a vacuum that (probably) can't and won't be filled by just one platform. So it's no surprise that in the wake of... read more

Source: Digiday

Taking Shape

An immersive gallery of 3D art and design this website observes an application of 3D art, technology, animation, art, and illustrations appealing to the eye. Check it out!

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Sigma Software Lab

Created for startup and small service companies this website helps them gain innovative and secured space in the biggest IT Ukraine. The website emphasizes on animation, parallax technology, 3D interaction design and UI design.

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