21st September 2022, Wednesday
Volume XV Issue 38
Let's get futuristic! In the Ideate this week, we will enlighten you on how social media will look in the near future. Also, learn how you can leverage the use of social media on weather change during a crisis. Did you know, LinkedIn shares the great reshuffle and the power of a unified brand? Check how Instagram is developing a new media kit option, thereby helping the creators showcase their value to brands. Find out how the Indian railways use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to showcase their brand too. Know the way to make Youtube shorts with longer videos. Browse through the site of the week, a site developed by Studio Freight from the United States, and Idea of the week, a site developed by Alex Tourgis, France. Have you checked out the all new Exide Integra power- back up system? This week's Ideate also showcases this new stylish, sleek product.
What will social media look like in the future?

Here's What the Data Suggests: Wondering where social media is headed in the next few years? Our guesses are based on recent Gen-Z data and new features from the most popular social media platforms. Search on Social Media... read more

Source: Hubspot Blog
Infographic: LinkedIn shares The Great Reshuffle & the power of a Unified Brand:

During The Great Reshuffle being experienced by employees and employers, companies need to reach internal talent and end users, both, with their communication. This infographic... read more

Source: Social Samosa
Exide Integra

The smart, safe and stylish Exide Integra power back-up system from Exide Industries, is powered with the next-gen tech of Li-ion. Built with a neo-compact look and user-friendly design to complement your modern lifestyle, find out what sets this product apart from other inverters.
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How Indian railways is using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms:

If to the Indian Railways has its way, rail passengers may soon have more social media options to reach out minister... read more

Source: Times of India
The use of social media for keeping up with the changing weather:

Social media today allows following the weather forecast thoughts and insights of thousands of meteorologists and access information worldwide. Here's how end users can leverage the medium during a crisis... read more

Source: Social Samosa
New Report Highlights the Decline of Facebook and IG, as TikTok Becomes the New Home of Entertainment:

The once trendsetting social platform seems to have lost its luster, in large part due to Instagram's insistence on pumping more content from accounts that you don't follow into your main... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Instagram's Developing a New Media Kit Option to Help Creators Showcase Their Value to Brands:

Creators are a key focus for Instagram, because it knows that if it can rope more creators in, and get them posting more often to its platform (instead of, say, the clock app), that will keep their fans coming back for more, helping to improve its engagement stats. It's already... read more

Source: Social Media Today
How to Easily Make YouTube Shorts with Your Longer Videos:

Want to do more with YouTube Shorts? Looking for an easy way to turn your YouTube videos into shorts? In this article, you'll... read more

Source: Social Media Examiner


A site developed by Studio Freight from United States with 7.5 and it involves graphical, and animation technologies.

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Tambien Studio

A site developed by Alex Tourgis from France with 7.3, involves some exclusive ideas that can could be a great eye-catcher.

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