22nd September 2021, Wednesday
Volume XIV Issue 38
This week's Ideate explores how influencer marketing has emerged as an industry in India and is becoming an important part of the marketing mix for many brands. How new formats like audio, short-form video, live-streaming, and social commerce are set to drive engagement. Read this and more such interesting digital news. Don’t miss out on our 'Site of the week' - an in-browser, freely explorable 3D game that will take you across universes. Bottled water brand Evian’s website - a series of WebAR animations leading you into an immersive 3D narrative through the French Alps - has been featured as 'Idea of the week'.
Brands are using influencer marketing for driving virality of content & engagement

GroupM President Partnerships & Trading Ashwin Padmanabhan and INCA Senior Director Kunal Sawant unveiled the inaugural India Influencer Marketing Report 2021 at the... read more

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Why social commerce is the future of shopping online

Social commerce has revolutionized the way people discover, shop and buy, and this transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic... read more

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Exide Care - Battery FAQs

How do I know when my car battery needs replacing? Do inverters increase electricity bill? Which Exide battery is best for my two wheeler? Find the answer to all your questions in Exide Care's newly launched FAQs section. visit site

Five signs your digital advertising campaigns are underperforming and what to do about it

Pay-per-click is often a victim of its own success. With even the most basic of set-ups delivering results, marketing managers... read more

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Around 80% of social media posts are following ASCI influencer marketing guidelines

E4M Influencer Marketing Conference: Editor Naziya Alvi Rahman spoke to Manisha Kapoor, Lakshmi Balasubramanian, Sagar Pushp, Viraj Sheth, Shahir Muneer and Vikram Kari... read more

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Content has to evolve as you move through the funnel

The emotional connection and awareness are created at the top of the funnel with linear and OTT, whereas programmatic... read more

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Why are marketers obsessed with tech?

Steffen Svartberg reminisces about the moment advertising suddenly became a tech game. With tech fatigue setting in over the next 24 months, he predicts the record will soon change.Can we pinpoint the moment when conversations... read more

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Amazon's new TV is igniting a connected TV scramble

LG Ads announces new TV software as manufacturers look to retain control of the living room screen.TV manufacturers are... read more

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Across the Multiverse

An in-browser, freely explorable, 3D game across infinite universes procedurally generated. Go from universe to universe and discover the origin of everything. A four chapter story with an epic revelation at the end.

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Evian: Live the Journey

Dive into Evian's 15-year purification journey in this stylishly illustrated experience. By scanning a limited-edition bottle, you can unlock a series of WebAR animations leading you into an immersive 3D narrative through the French Alps.

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