8th September 2021, Wednesday
Volume XIV Issue 36
Your favourite Ideate this week features some very interesting reads! Insightful strategies, engaging stories, articles on AI and digital marketing and more to capture your attention. This week’s big story - how 90% of Indian marketers have changed their digital engagement strategy since the pandemic. 'Idea of the week' this time features a very unique Augmented Reality experience that educates consumers on how to reduce plastic footprint and save the planet. Another beautiful site to explore is 'The Longest Road Out' - an immersive virtual road trip through British Isles & Ireland.
90% of Indian marketers have changed their digital engagement strategy since the pandemic - Salesforce Research

The State of Marketing report finds that 90% of Indian marketers have changed their digital engagement strategy since the... read more

Source: The Week
Twitter launches 'safety mode' to block accounts for harmful language

Twitter Inc. will launch a safety feature that would allow users to temporarily block accounts for seven days for using harmful language... read more

Source: Brand Equity
Eveready Celebrates Teachers' Day

Our Teachers' Day creative for Eveready India featured simple animated illustrations and light music with a lovely message to make all the teachers out there feel special. A big salute to our teachers for their phenomenal efforts in keeping the education system unwavering during this pandemic.

3 ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change marketing forever

AI streamlines workflows, improves predictive capabilities and better accommodates customer demands... read more

Source: Ad Age
How new-age social media platforms can strategise content moderation better

Online communication has become more seamless, all thanks to the power of social media and social networking platforms, but... read more

Source: Your Story
'How Sharechat & Moj are making digital advertising more fun & engaging'

As Sharechat and Moj -- the leading social media and short video platforms expand their advertising and monetisation avenues... read more

Source: Exchange4media
Marketers will use 32 data sources by 2022: Salesforce

Salesforce has released its 'State of Marketing' report based on a survey of over 8,200 marketing leaders worldwide. The report is focused on understanding the shifts in marketing strategies, priorities, challenges and the trajectory of marketing's digital transformation future with the... read more

Source: Brand Equity
LinkedIn to transform the Stories format into a re-imagined video experience

LinkedIn announced the feature 'Stories' -- a feature well-known to Snapchat and Instagram users for sharing content that disappears after... read more

Source: Brand Equity

The Longest Road Out

Let's take you on a virtual road trip! An undeniably unique, epic and rousing virtual road trip of 10,000 miles across the UK & Ireland - an online experience of discovering and exploring the beauty of travelling the unique British Isles & Ireland.

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Corona Plastic Reality

Corona Plastic Reality AR experience educates consumers on how much plastic they generate each year and shows them how to reduce their plastic footprint. To further emphasize the point, the experience also shows how that plastic pollutes oceans and beaches around the world.

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