17th February 2021, Wednesday
Volume XIV Issue 07
Ad spends are on the rise in India - Check out how a market report confirms that and shares more insights on how the industry has been shaping up over the years. Know about the new updates for Google Images and Twitter, why emojis are indispensable for social media, how nano influencers can be utilised to engage consumers and about the major cloud infrastructure operators. 'ideate' this week brings to you all that's noteworthy in the digital world and more. Also, don't forget to explore our musical site of the week and idea of the week showcased!
India is the 2nd fastest growing marketing in top 10 countries; will be the 6th largest contributor to ad spends in 2021 globally: GroupM TYNY Report

Pandemic resulted in a fall of -21.5% in 2020; industry to see recovery in 2021 with ad investment expected to reach Rs. 80,123 crores. Digital was the only medium to witness a... read more

Source: Business Insider India
Nano Influencers: Who are they and how to work with them

When mapping out your influencer marketing strategy, the most common approach is to go for the biggest names, who'll offer you the biggest audience reach, and thus, the best return... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Sumanta Basu on the Harmonica

Spend a melodious evening with Sumanta Basu as he plays the evergreen Bengali and Hindi songs of Hemant Kumar on the Harmonica. Join the Facebook Live for an unforgettable musical experience on Feb 20, 2021 at 7 pm.
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3 Companies currently own 61 percent of all Cloud technology shares

Three giant companies have a combined share of 61% of the entire world's Cloud infrastructure. A fact that can easily spark online... read more

Source: Digital Information World
Opinion: How to use emojis to boost your social media posts

Akash Tripathi from Top Mobile Tech sheds light on the relevance of using emojis across social media platforms to boost engagement, bring a humane approach to marketing... read more

Source: Social Samosa
Twitter eyes subscriptions for premium features

Twitter is reportedly looking to add a new stream of revenue by offering premium features through a monthly subscription. A report from Bloomberg states the motivation behind adding... read more

Source: Search Engine Journal
Google Images is dropping duplicate search results, making user experience even better

This was a much needed update considering while searching something a similar looking image appearing repetitively can be annoying. Apart from this, Google has also introduced a new feature called "alternative meanings refinement boxes". These boxes will show... read more

Source: Digital Information World
How to audit Core Web Vitals

A step-by-step process to identify problems and prioritize fixes ahead of the Page Experience Update, which is expected to take effect... read more

Source: Search Engine Land

J Dilla's Donuts: 15 year tribute

A 15 years digital tribute to celebrate the legacy of American hip-hop producer J Dilla and his studio album 'Donuts', with 31 carefully crafted tracks picked from the album.

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Look at the Sky

Start an immersive audio-visual journey with Porter Robinson's hopeful song 'Look at the Sky', presented here as a multiplayer mobile and WebVR experience to be shared with friends!

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