13th January 2021, Wednesday
Volume XIV Issue 02
Check on the latest topical trend along with the recent updates for Google Search and YouTube this week with 'ideate'. To ensure you tread along carefully in 2021, we also present an infographic to help you 'time' your social media posts and details on how gamification is the newest marketing tactic. Know in what ways the out-of-home industry is expecting to pull through this year and why people-centric campaigns were adopted by brands for IPL 2020. Don't miss the fun interactive experiences on our Site of the Week and Idea of the Week as well! Happy reading...
Brands welcome the Virushka baby with a cradle of creatives

As Virat Kohli announced the birth of a baby girl, brands lined up creatives congratulating the Virushka baby and reveling in... read more

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The best times to post your social media updates in 2021 [Infographic]

When should you be scheduling your social posts to maximize engagement and response? Why is posting at the right time important? The fact is that whenever you post on any social... read more

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Eveready's social media post on National Youth Day

Eveready acknowledges the power of youth through their latest social media post on National Youth Day and encourages the youngsters to be the changemakers for tomorrow. view post

YouTube turns on post-roll ads for all monetized videos

YouTube is turning post-roll ads on by default for all videos that are eligible to serve ads. YouTube advises creators of this change in the first news update of the year on its Creator... read more

Source: Search Engine Journal
Google updates the Search Console coverage report

Google announced it has made substantial updates to the coverage report within Google Search Console. The updated report... read more

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People-first marketing: When brands leveraged IPL for deeper connections

Focusing on the human need for comfort and reassurance in times of a crisis, brands created several people-centric narratives with their IPL 2020 campaigns, providing... read more

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Opinion: How gamification enables interactive storytelling

Storytelling has always been an integral part of branding and marketing. Nishant Parashar from Brain Bout shares how gamification as a marketing tactic can help brands and marketers engage and tap into a wider audience... read more

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OOH: What 2021 has in store for the outdoor industry

In this new year, we want to crystal gaze into what the year has in store for the industry. In this feature, we talk to experts from the out-of-home industry who give us a sense of what one... read more

Source: Business Insider India

Chrome Developer Summit: Adventure

The Chrome team at Google this year came up with a unique RPG inspired game to host their annual developer meet - 'Chrome Dev Summit: Adventure'. The site lets you peek into the entire experience virtually, starting from the schedule to keynotes, discussions and more. Check it out!

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Aloha From Above

A mobile-only experience that takes you on an immersive exploration of Hawaii and its treasures. Brought to you by Hawaiian Airlines as it celebrates reopening of travelling in the US state, this game tests your navigation skills and offers a chance to win plane tickets to the island.

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