29th July 2020, Wednesday
Volume XIII Issue 31
Dual dilemmas of the pandemic and declining economy have changed how advertising and marketing personnel used to process and present information. Not just for the engagements on social media platforms, the admen are having to rethink ways to keep the brands floating in the current restrictive markets. This week 'ideate' presents before you all that's new with the social platforms, what new advices LinkedIn has shared to help you cope up with the current situation and plan your business recovery, how thematic marketing hits the right chord with audiences, what Google recommends as better content presentation and for improved page speed, and more. Stay with us as we keep hobnobbing with the latest.
Social Shorts: Twitter ad engagement drops, Snap Minis launch, more brands pause Facebook Ads

The social media marketing week in review: A round up of news and announcements you may have missed... read more

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LinkedIn publishes new guide on setting your business up for recovery post COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, and it may feel like the end is constantly over the horizon, and beyond our line of sight... read more

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Eden Solaris Joka - Now in Bengali

Check out details about the ongoing Eden Solaris Joka housing project, now in Bengali. Launched to reach out to local audience, the new Bengali website showcases apartment details, specifications, construction status and glimpses of the project. visit site

Google's John Mueller: Use images Instead of HTML to display charts

The topic of images vs. HTML for displaying chart data came up during a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout with John Mueller... read more

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Innovate or Perish

Brands now seek innovation in their sales and marketing, so admen have to think business solutions, not just ads... read more

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Bulbbul: Increasing the shelf life of OTT films with thematic marketing

We trace the use of various visual assets and thematic consistency in the post-release social media marketing strategy of Netflix... read more

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Google SEO 101: Page Speed Optimization

Google goes in-depth on the subject of page speed in its latest episode of the SEO Mythbusting video series. Google's Martin Splitt discusses the importance of page speed and its impact on SEO in the latest episode of SEO... read more

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Latest ad campaigns

Check out the newest ads from the past week, for CARS24, Voltas Beko, Motilal Oswal and Madhya Pradesh Tourism... read more

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Craig Reynolds

Personal website aimed to create digital branding for NYC based photographer and art director Craig Reynolds. Features smart and clean visual-based UI highlighting his personal works and projects.

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Story Line: Six Months of COVID-19

Following the global pandemic and resultant lockdown, Australia's news and current affairs series The Feed collected anecdotes from real people narrating their experiences and stories; and collated all of those into a webpage.

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