22nd May 2020, Wednesday
Volume XIII Issue 21
Going digital is the best way forward this year. Find out what makes conversion rate optimisation vital for the websites and how to leverage A/B Testing. Look into Facebook's additional brand safety controls, Twitter's updates for better visual presentation and how YouTube has updated the classification of video resolution system. Stay with us as we bring to you the latest brand advertisements and delve into some of the old game changer campaigns. Let's keep exploring 'digital' together!
A/B testing your site: What, why & how to do it right

A/B testing is the process of setting up two versions of one page, and testing which page outperforms the other. Here's how to do it right... read more

Source: Search Engine Journal
Twitter removes custom camera captions and larger image presentation format

Twitter's making a slight correction in its approach on its visual presentation options within tweets. As you may recall, last year, Twitter... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Jyoti Basu Memorial Foundation

Jyoti Basu Memorial Foundation reaches out to those affected the most by COVID-19, handing out rations to help them sustain through difficult times. visit site

#BTSwithInsiders: When Amer Jaleel told us stories behind Tata Tea's Jaago Re, Lifebuoy's Gonduppa and ICICI Prudential's Bande Acche Hain

Nostalgia is a powerful tool, as we have witnessed in the last month and a half of lockdown. BTS with Insiders series attempts to take you on a walk down memory lane, and gives you an insider's view of some of the most iconic Indian ads... read more

Source: Business Insider
Facebook expands brand safety controls for ad placements

Facebook has updated brand safety controls to enhance the advertising ecosystem on the platform and maintain a hale environment... read more

Source: Social Samosa
Latest ad campaigns

Showcasing the new campaigns released by IKEA India, Tata Steel, Brooke Bond Red Label and Paree, and the messages these brands... read more

Source: Impact
Social media image size guide 2020 [Infographic]

Are you using the right-sized images for your social media profiles? Using images which don't meet the requirements of each platform can impact your brand perception... read more

Source: Social Media Today
YouTube 're-defines' the classic definition of videos by removing 720p from the list of High Definition

There has been a surprising update from YouTube recently. 720p videos are no longer considered as High Definition. Any video below 1080p falls in the category of Standard Definition. This does not mean that any 720p video has been... read more

Source: Digital Information World

100 Days of Poetry

Hundred artworks by Notty come alive on this gallery site. Though presented as separate creations, one for each day, the graphic designs are meant to be viewed together - As a work of poetry.

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Add some fun to your quarantine time indoors with this interactive live streamed game. It lets you control real-world physical robots and live effects for a larger-than-life video game called 'It's Quarantime!'

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