25th March 2020, Wednesday
Volume XIII Issue 13
COVID-19 lockdowns, Janta Curfew, spread of misinformation via social messaging platforms, and more - Check out how brands are coping with the current global situation. Twitter also noticed a lot of chatter on its platform, but all that wasn't much uplifting for its quarterly revenues. YouTube researched its content viewing experience to offer a whole lot of insight to the marketers, while Google published a new Search Console training video. Not just for the pandemic, digital world has noticeably stepped up to raise awareness among its audience. Read for yourself. But first... Stay Protected. Stay Indoors. Stay digitally aware with 'ideate'.
Janta Curfew brand posts urged consumers to stay-in

Janta Curfew brand posts appeal to consumers to socially distance themselves, stay indoors and show gratitude for the heroes... read more

Source: Social Samosa
Facebook's testing new tools to combat COVID-19 misinformation on WhatsApp and Messenger

As the COVID-19 pandemic expands across the globe, various misinformation campaigns - promoting everything from 'cures' to rumored government actions - have also gained traction, with messaging apps, in particular, becoming... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Emami Safety Awareness Post for COVID-19

Utilising its brand reach, Emami urged all to embrace social distancing and be aware of the safety concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic. visit site

Latest ad campaigns

Showcasing the creative ideas and messaging behind Brand Factory's #365OrNothing and ICICI Lombard's #ExtraForEquality campaigns, explained by the digital stalwarts... read more

Source: Impact
Twitter says user numbers are up amid COVID-19 lockdowns, but warns of revenue impacts

As you might expect, Twitter is seeing a lot more usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns across the world - but that doesn't, howevera... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Research proves why YouTubers watch what they watch in a day

We have reached that point in time where almost all of us cannot imagine our days without YouTube. While the largest video-sharing platform has really brought the world together, the company recently carried out an interesting... read more

Source: Digital Information World
Google explains how to use Search Console's Index Coverage Report

Google published a new Search Console training video all about how to use the index coverage report. First, the video gives an overview... read more

Source: Search Engine Journal
Television ad volumes dropped by 3.6% in 2019, share of Top 10 advertisers grew by 3.8%: BARC India

The Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India revealed that 2019 generated 48.4 trillion television viewing minutes and 1.59 billion seconds of advertising... read more

Source: Business Insider

The Witcher: Map of the Continent

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