12th February 2020, Wednesday
Volume XIII Issue 07
Oscar Season had us hooked; see which #Oscars2020 brand posts kept up with this year's iconic moments, wins and commendable performances, as a way to continue with topical promotions. Immersive graphics and Web AR scores high this week as we present two sites crafted for promotion as our 'Idea of the week' and 'Site of the week'. Know how to plan your Tiktok content, what Gen Z is particularly interested in and how digital marketers are preparing for the evolving media consumption trends, the latest campaigns and more, in this 'ideate'. Stay informed!
Presenting #Oscars2020 brand posts

Join The Academy's celebrations hosted by social media brands with performances by #Oscars2020 brand posts... read more

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TikTok Marketing 101: How to plan a TikTok campaign?

TikTok broke all records within the year of its launch even upon being a hot controversial topic. It has garnered over 1.2 billion downloads... read more

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Tata Motors - Auto Expo 2020

Official site for 2020 Auto Expo - The Motor Show. Showcasing Tata Motor's products and new launches, official updates, Press Releases, glimpses from the show and more. visit site

Google to discontinue classic version of YouTube on desktop

Google plans to discontinue YouTube's older desktop interface as of March 2020, nearly three years after introducing the new version... read more

Source: Search Engine Journal
What Gen Z is watching online - and what that means for marketers in 2020

There are many key differences between Gen Z and Millennials, which is particularly evident in the content that they consume... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Super Bowl 2020 campaigns: From bizarre to big-budget

As the triumphant of the Super Bowl 2020 emerges, we present the campaigns that championed the prolific affair... read more

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Google Search Console adds review snippets performance, enhancement and testing reports

Google announced new reports within Google Search Console to help you with your review snippets. Google added a new... read more

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Digital to hit 30% of ad spends in 2020: GroupM TYNY report

In a report released recently, India's advertising investments will grow by 10.7%, for the calendar year 2020 to reach an estimated size... read more

Source: Impact

1917 - Into the Trenches

An exclusive look into making of the British epic war film 1917, which lets you explore the war trenches through an immersive Web AR experience.

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The Turn of the Screw

Storytelling audio-visual experience for an English opera company, Opera North. The immersive WebGL presentation with interactive graphics enhances the thrill, as it lets you experience the trailer of the classic production - The Turn of the Screw.

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