11th December 2019, Wednesday
Volume XII Issue 50
Digitisation has affected just not the brand strategizing for promotions, but also the print media approach towards news. Look how Hindustan Times has upped their social media game over time, and how digital era keeps showing us that traditional approach to branding is just not enough. Google has also planned to get lit with Maps and Facebook has introduced reporting tools to help marketers' measure campaign performance - See what's up with the digital world this week!
Print meets Digital: Understanding Hindustan Time's social media strategy

A lot has changed in the way people consume news in the last few decades Hindustan Times has existed. This is a look into the Hindustan Times digital strategy - a peek into the way they are building digital assets and social media interactions... read more

Source: Social Samosa
Facebook introduces reporting tools to improve campaign measurement

Facebook has updated and introduced reporting tools for marketers to measure ad performance across accounts, channels, and more... read more

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Tata Pipes Jeevan - Save Water Campaign

Tata Pipes Jeevan initiates a video campaign to fulfill its pledge for spreading awareness about water wastage, and urging everyone to conserve water. visit site

116 Video marketing stats to guide your online marketing strategy in 2020

Are you looking for ways to improve your online marketing strategy in 2020? Want to learn more about video to see if you can make it work for your business? read more

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Google will soon 'light up' the streets on Maps

Seems like Google is working on new development for its Maps that will show brightly lit streets at night. The new feature - dubbed as 'Lightning' will help the night-time travellers remain safe by avoiding streets that lack proper lighting... read more

Source: Digital Information World
Showcase of the latest ad campaigns

Check out why ad campaigns by American Express, HarperCollins India, HDFC AMC and Vedantu caught our attention this week! read more

Source: Impact
The power of impression-based campaigns to grow your brand

If you can't track something it can't be trusted or valued. This is the culture of search marketing in today's marketplace and it's wrong. We Forgot About Awareness... read more

Source: Search Engine Journal
Branding in a Post-Digital World

The reality is, brand equity is being created and destroyed at an unprecedented rate in today's digital-first world. And where your brand falls is now, more than ever, entirely up to you... read more

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Interactive website aimed to raise awareness among adolescents and adults about the contexts of violence in interpersonal relations, with the intensity of the violence measured with a 'Violentometer'!

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Gucci Grip

A fun game promoting Gucci Grip, the Gucci watch inspired by 1970's skate culture. Using retro and vibrant pixel art, the game lets you race ahead with a skater on the streets, evading obstacles and saving power ups.

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