27th November 2019, Wednesday
Volume XII Issue 48
New topical post trends, AI for Instagram, social media strategy for LinkedIn, getting the most out of Youtube creatives - all of these and more! Embark on the digital journey with 'ideate' this week and see what updates we have, up our sleeves. Look out for the social media graphic design trends for the coming year, and see how the new Dubai Tourism campaign presents Arabian luxury experiences through a 8 minute long film. Stay informed, as these are the latest.
#TwoKindsOfPeople brand posts bind the opposites

The topical trend among Indian social media brands with the #TwoKindsOfPeople brand posts spread about a day or two ago although the topic - #TwoKindsOfPeople shook out on Twitter about 4 - 5 years ago or probably before... read more

Source: Social Samosa
Google Maps the dominant local search tool, followed by Facebook and Yelp

The average user is on a smartphone at home - and is most likely to visit a business the next day after a local search... read more

Source: Search Engine Land
XLRi - Magis

Explore course enhancement and campus culture at XLRi through Magis, which is the tri-annual magazine of the School of Business Management in India. The new section lets you scan the latest issues of the e-newsletter as well the archived ones, besides enabling new subscriptions.
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5 Social media graphic design trends you need to know for 2020

Graphic design trends come and go quicker than you can keep up with - but if you want to get ahead of your competitors in 2020 it's crucial that you keep on top of the latest shifts... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Instagram explains how it uses AI to choose content for your Explore tab

Instagram has shared new details on how its app uses machine learning to surface content for users, stressing that, when making recommendations, it focuses on finding accounts it thinks people will enjoy, rather than individual posts... read more

Source: The Verge
18 LinkedIn stats from 2019 to guide your social media strategy in 2020

Are you considering your social media strategy for the year ahead? Wondering if a LinkedIn marketing campaign could benefit... read more

Source: Social Media Today
Getting the most out of limited YouTube creative during the holiday season

Even if your creative is limited, test different targets. Remember, for YouTube, custom intent audiences are based upon broad-match related variants of actual search queries people have typed on Google.com... read more

Source: Search Engine Land
Dubai Tourism launches long-format campaign ft. Hollywood celebrities

This new global campaign resolves the mystery of the last edition of Dubai's popular #BeMyGuest series when Shah Rukh Khan bumped into Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow... read more

Source: Social Samosa

Lost Cities

Explore vibrancy of the hidden corals through this interactive film. Aimed to instigate individual action for saving the corals in their natural habitat, the film features a unique layout and evocative design through a non-linear narrative.

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NASA's Visual Universe

Visual Universe is an experiment celebrating 60 years of NASA and 50 years of Project Apollo. Developed by the Google Arts & Culture Lab, the project explores NASA's extensive image archives, drifting through the space agency's rich history of discoveries, missions, and science.

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