06th November 2019, Wednesday
Volume XII Issue 45
With the festive season being over, let's look back to explore how Google Pay Diwali campaign created an instant connect with the Indian audience, and MahaUtsav Online lets you reminisce about the Durga Pujo rituals. See how brands take a step ahead to engage with followers and spread awareness about the rising pollution in Delhi and the Odd-Even traffic rules. Also, learn how Twitter's data insights can keep you on top of critical industry happenings. Like always, 'ideate' this week brings to you social media updates and news about the digital milestones. Stay informed!
Inside: Google Pay Diwali Campaign: Beg, Borrow, Gift, Splurge

They made people pay bills via Google Pay and go on a wild chase for Diwali stamps. Let us explore the Rangoli obsession that ensued with the Google Pay Diwali Campaign... read more

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Brands trace car peripherals with Odd Even creatives

Quite a few brands participated in the trend to put forth Odd Even creatives after the rule got implemented in Delhi again... read more

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MahaUtsav Online at Chakraberia Sarbojanin

Experience the grandeur of Goddess Durga and her Pujo rituals at Chakraberia Sarbojanin Durgotsav from the video archives. visit site

Brands create awareness with Delhi pollution creatives

Brand Delhi pollution creatives attempt to make people aware of the emergent situation in the city. They did so with dark humour... read more

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Google finally launches the anticipated page speed report in Search Console

Google is now rolling out the highly anticipated page speed report in Search Console that was shown off earlier this year. Google officially previewed the new page speed report this past May... read more

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Linkedin reaches 660 million members, outlines 'members first' guiding principles

LinkedIn, which is currently seeing 'record levels' of engagement, has this week announced about reaching the new high of... read more

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5 Creative ways to boost your content marketing ROI

Content marketing works. But - what if it's not working for you? What if you're not seeing the ROI you expected? read more

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Twitter launches new study of key cultural shifts, based on billions of tweets

With around 500 million total tweets being shared on the platform every day, Twitter sits on a trove of data insights, a mass of conversations... read more

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Knives Out - Official Movie Site

Set for a Thanksgiving release, the upcoming Lionsgate film 'Knives Out' gets its own official website. Explore the cast of characters from this black comedy mystery movie in 3D as well as on AR through mobile.

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Hulu Has Live Sports '20

Help Saquon Barkley, the American football running back, watch 'live sports on Hulu' by chasing his runaway TV. Set to be the 'greatest watching football video game', this is a promotional fun engagement from the US streaming platform Hulu.

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