07th August 2019, Wednesday
Volume XII Issue 32
Facebook is looking forward to re-brand its owned apps, Instagram is shying away from its popularity metrics - In this 'ideate', we bring to you the latest digital gossip to keep you informed about what the media giants are up to. See how the brands are leveraging virality of events to associate with the 'trending' and reinforce their communication digitally, and how topic clusters can be utilised to improve search rankings. Also, flip through Quentin Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' as a lifestyle magazine from 1969!
Facebook to change the name for Instagram and WhatsApp

Social Media giant Facebook has owned Instagram and Whatsapp for years, however, the link between the three platforms has always been tenuous. Facebook with its latest move tried to break this social media monopoly... read more

Source: Social Samosa
Like it or not, Instagram is coming for your engagement metrics

Instagram announced it would be hiding publicly visible likes from users in six countries in the name of shifting away from the app's emphasis on popularity. Instagram had been carrying out a trial run for this in Canada that's been ongoing... read more

Source: AdAge India
Better Earth - Climate Change Campaign

Tata Power Club Enerji launched a campaign inviting creative participation from school students for a competition that's aimed to inspire, educate and raise awareness about the ill effects of climate change on the environment. visit site

16 Social media updates for marketers in 2019... so far

There's been a lot of changes in social media this year and more are rolling out all the time. Here are some highlights to note... read more

Source: Marketing Land
Marketing the moment

With multiple brands fighting for consumer eyeballs today and several ads being skipped on TV or OTT platforms, brands have taken to cashing in on certain memorable moments which consumers are talking about or creating such unique... read more

Source: Impact
How to leverage topic clusters to boost your on-page SEO strategy

Topic clusters have been a popular trend in blogging and SEO for a few years now. While many have heard of this tactic, few have nailed it. If executed properly, topic clusters can be the catalyst that launches your website... read more

Source: Search Engine Journal
Showcase of the latest ad campaigns

Adverts for KFC Zinger, Louis Philippe's wrinkle free collection, Gits ready to eat foods, and Epigamia Yogurt drew our attention this week. Look how the creative heads and branding experts joined hands to deliver the messaging to audience... read more

Source: Impact
Cadbury India combats cyberbullying with 'Heart The Hate' campaign

For Friendship Day this year, Mondelez India has come up with a campaign for its flagship Cadbury Dairy Milk that addresses... read more

Source: Mumbrella Asia

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Go back in time with this unique web and print experience structured in the style of a 1969 lifestyle magazine. The interactive website offers a digital experience of flipping through the pages of the limited edition print magazine distributed at the premiere of Quentin Tarantino's film having the same name.

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The Cool Club FWA

Promotional site with animation, WebGL, 3D and more, for The Cool Club's limited edition deck of cards featuring 54 of the coolest websites in history, as featured in FWA's new book 'Web Design, The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-today'.

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