12th June 2019, Wednesday
Volume XII Issue 24
The ongoing ICC World Cup is keeping the audiences hooked, and the brands and digital marketers busy. Check out how the adverts are trying to break the clutter with original ideas executed digitally. Also find why chatbots are integrated in websites and how those are now an integral part of a brand's digital communication strategy. Lastly, but definitely not the least, with a whole of new entries lined up, will Cannes 2019 be a Digital game changer for India?
How digital brands are leveraging #ICCWorldCup2019

ICC World Cup has always been one of the biggest advertising festivals in the world of cricket. Over the years, brands have launched their marketing blitzkrieg both on ATL and BTL... read more

Source: AdAge India
Cannes 2019: Could this be India's best year yet?

All eyes will be on the Cannes stage next week to see what surprise the Indian contingent springs on us this year at the 66th edition of the festival. Notably this year, we have a whole lot of... read more

Source: Impact
IBMD gets a UI makeover

The Industrial By-products Management Division (IBMD) of Tata Steel adopts a new look this 2019. With new design, UI and high resolution visual presentations, the website offers better navigability, and highlights IBMD's key products and the industries they cater to. visit site

Five steps to generating high-quality leads on LinkedIn

How do you network the right way on LinkedIn so that it becomes a powerful source of high-quality leads and business contacts for you? Because an effective LinkedIn strategy... read more

Source: Forbes
7 Ways to raise your visibility

Having a robust presence on social media can make all the difference when you're looking to become an in-demand expert in your space. More visibility can translate into... read more

Source: Forbes
Why Chatbot needs to be a part of your media mix

Chatbots have arisen from the customer service slab and are set to subdue digital marketing. Chatting is an ingrained part of a consumer's life, making bots an integral part of a brand's... read more

Source: Social Samosa
How to use Google Data Studio to forecast SEO potential

It doesn't matter much factual reasoning you give. The prospective clients may understand the benefit. But without numbers to present to their own bosses, the decision makers on the other end just won't get it... read more

Source: Search Engine Journal
Facebook shares key Ad tips in new Mobile-First Creative Checklist

Shared as part of a recent Facebook Business webinar, the tips cover a range of key mobile ad considerations, and include accompanying performance data to support their... read more

Source: Social Media Today

Dab Motors Customiser

Custom street-legal motorcycle manufacturer, Dab Motors, have set up this online customiser using 3D real-time WebGL. Accessible on web browser, the tool allows anyone to customise the bike of their dream directly on any mobile, tablet or desktop device.

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Weird Cuts

Created with support of Google Arts & Culture, Weird Cuts enables users to make collages and assemblages in AR space using photography. The app helps create multi-dimensional work from combinations of found objects and spacial improvisation.

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