06th February 2019, Wednesday
Volume XII Issue 06
Marketing, social media, mobile app - this week's ideate brings to you update about all things affecting the digital communication scenario. If you're on Google Plus, be prepared to download all your pictures as the platform is set to close in April. Also, check out how social media has introduced variety amidst the traditional marketing ways and opened up new means of income generation!
Instagram testing new 'Main Account' feature to make managing multiple logins easier

Instagram is prototyping a "Main Account" feature, which would allow users to easily manage multiple Instagram accounts through one set of login credentials... read more

Source: 9to5Mac
Google Plus stops accepting user content, to shut down on April 2

Google stated that it would shut down the social networking site due to 'other challenges' and will allow users to download all their photos and videos before the date... read more

Source: Moneycontrol
TMILL website gets a new look

Revamped the corporate website for TM International Logistics, a JV company of Tata Steel. The site showcases a spanking new interface highlighting the various end-to-end logistics services offered by the company. visit site

WiFi Ads - The future of digital advertising

For those of us familiar with Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the significance of WiFi these days warrants its inclusion at the very base of the renowned pyramid... read more

Source: Jamaica Observer
5 things you should know about Facebook's redesigned Messenger app

Facebook finally released the new Messenger design. There's a lot of white space, fewer icons and buttons. It's kind of confusing to use. Less is more, or so Facebook says. Instead of a... read more

Source: CNET
Six developments that will impact social media marketing in 2019

Barely a week went by in 2018 without news of a social media update, announcement and security breach. While keeping on top of them seemed an impossible task at times... read more

Source: The Arabian Marketer
Creating a winning mobile app marketing strategy in 2019

Mobile is the preferred first-screen of the present day customers. But is your brand positioned to leverage mobile marketing to build longer, more valuable relationships with users in 2019?... read more

Source: Marketing-Interactive
Leveraging social media to create multiple income streams

We have entered an era in which digital marketing seems to have become more popular than traditional ways of marketing. Companies are starting to spend more money... read more

Source: Forbes

Undersea exploration with VR

Do you love the Web VR experience? This website can let you discover the underwater world of the Baltic Sea in Virtual Reality through desktop, mobile and VR headsets. Dive in!

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Sounds Like You

If you love music, then this might be just the thing to excite you. 'Sounds Like You' is a first-of-its-kind experiment which uses proprietary Music Genome data and facial analysis technology to create personalised music.

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