09th January 2019, Wednesday
Volume XII Issue 02
We are living in a world today in which "big data" all too often means "social media. When it comes to size, social media data certainly meets the common definitions of "big data" with its immense size, rapid update rate and diverse media and message types. There is so much more than just Twitter and Facebook and it is the Cloud that is there to help us discover it. This week's Ideate delves deeper into this along with other interesting updates in the New Year from the digital world. Get to know about which internet giants have evolved to stay on top, and which have faded into internet lore. So read on!
The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web

With each passing year, an increasingly large segment of the population no longer remembers images loading a single pixel row at a time, the earsplitting sound of a 56k modem... read more

Source: Visual Capitalist
MasterCard dropped its name from its logo because the future of payment is digital

Mastercard is changing its logo. The interlocking red and yellow circles are here to stay, but Mastercard's rebrand is missing... read more

Source: Vox
Eveready Appliances

From room heaters to pop up toasters, Eveready offers a wide range of consumer appliances that has made the brand an integral part in the daily lives of millions of Indians. Browse through their appliances website and get an insight into the wide range of products from one of India's most preferred brands. visit site

From encrypting the web to encrypting the net: A technical deep dive on using Certbot to secure your mail server

We've come a long way since we launched Encrypt the Web, our initiative to onboard the World Wide Web to HTTPS. Not only has Let's... read more

Source: EFF
YouTube for Android is rolling out Voice Search

YouTube Voice Search has Google's standard Voice Input UI; tapping the microphone button on the top-right corner will load an interface which would show a red microphone... read more

Source: Social Samosa
If Bitcoin becomes a store of value then it will be over 100,000 in a few years

What it's evolved into today is a stored value. Today, the main stored value is gold, it's a $9 trillion thing. Bitcoin today is... read more

Source: WebProNews
Moving beyond social media towards news as "big data" in the cloud era

When we talk today about using "big data" to understand human society, we typically mean using "social media" data. In the social sciences "big data" and "social media" have become increasingly interchangeable due to the widespread availability of large social... read more

Source: Forbes
Snap shares interesting millennial data for 2019

Snapchat listed trends including top games, devices, slang, memes, celebs, and beauty trends likely to grow popular in 2019... read more

Source: Social Samosa

It's Centered That

Do you feel that you have got a 'designers eye'? If yes, test your skills with a dotted image and judge by yourself! There are 10 shapes to select from and you need to get all 10 of them right to win! So get started!

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The Unknown Face

To mark the Centenary of the Armistice, over 30 000 portraits were collected and overlaid using an algorithm, to make up one unique face - 'The Unknown Face'. Know about the idea behind this unique project and more.

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