05th December 2018, Wednesday
Volume XI Issue 49
We are back with your weekly dose of Ideate - bringing to you some of internet's latest news. Interesting articles from the social world, info on content marketing success, IoT-website development connect and more. The most interesting one this week that has caught our eye is about a Shanghai-based company LinkSure Network unveiling its ambitious plan of providing free internet to everyone around the world. Yes, you heard that right! Read on to know more. Also, for all the Candy Crush fans out there - check out our 'Idea of the week' section featuring the record-breaking gala launch of the addictive game in its newest avatar!
Chinese company hopes to deliver free worldwide internet by 2026

A Chinese internet technology company has announced a plan to provide free satellite internet worldwide by 2026, joining companies like SpaceX, Facebook and Google... read more

Source: Radio New Zealand
One of the internet's earliest, eeriest hits is coming back

Salad Fingers appeared to be strangely content, living in a barren hellscape but existing in his own little world, drifting in and out of different realities... read more

Source: Forbes
Tata Power-DDL gets a website makeover

A brand new responsive website for Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited [Tata Power-DDL] to connect with its stakeholders more efficiently. The new site has a contemporary design, is comprehensive in terms of information, feature-rich, user-friendly and packed with interactivity. Visit today! visit site

Video marketing strategies for all budgets (and no budgets)

Working with a small budget? Let these easy, low cost, or free video marketing strategies help you increase organic traffic and earn higher conversion rates now... read more

Source: SiteProNews
Social media roundup: Instagram Close Friends, YouTube Stories, Facebook Giving Tuesday Hits $125M

"Social Media Roundup" is a weekly roundup of news pertaining to all of your favorite websites and applications used for social networking. Published on Sundays, "Social Media Roundup"... read more

Source: Forbes
YouTube launches YouTube Stories, limited to prominent creators Only

This week, YouTube has announced the launch of 'YouTube Stories', its take on the next-gen social sharing format. You'll soon see a new Stories bar at the top of the app... read more

Source: Social Media Today
How IoT is changing web development

It's true IoT is a real game-changer. The technology doesn't only affect the consumers but also the providers of IoT solutions. IoT brings changes to software development on many levels, including web development. Complex IoT networks set new challenges... read more

Source: IoT For All
Why content scoring is the key to content marketing success

So, how are you supposed to attribute which specific elements of your content generate performance? Content Scoring is the most effective way to identify... read more

Source: Search Engine Journal


Rivian, the American automotive technology company, has introduced the world to the first ever Electric Adventure Vehicle - and to leverage this achievement, launched a brand new website. The superbly laid-out Rivian website ranks high on design, usability, creativity and content. Take a tour!

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Candy Crush Friends Saga, unveiled on a world record-breaking scale of live gameplay in New York City - is the biggest game launch ever

A gigantic live projection in New York to celebrate the launch of the brand new Candy Crush Saga Friends. It was the largest architectural projection-mapped game ever...

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