Case Study

Tata TISCON Rely on a strong message and flexible design - core qualities of the brand itself

Tata Tiscon - a "Superbrand" rebar - wished to enhance its web presence in line with its new marketing initiative 'Joy of Building'. It would be further complemented by a
new microsite for its service brand - Tiscon ReadyBuild. Tata Tiscon wanted to reach maximum people using diverse devices.
Website and mobile site.
Creative design and development, SEO, Hosting & Maintenance
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We designed the Tiscon web communication keeping in mind that it would catering to a market segment where value is added through trust. So, Tiscon is positioned as the friend, philosopher, and guide for people who either wish to build their own house or are in the business. The site serves as a ready reckoner for individual home builders, SME & big builders, Influencers like architects, interior designers. It address the needs of specific customer groups in dedicated sections for each. The Tiscon site has a vertical layout and is supported by dynamic module for Dealer Locator.

Mobile Site

The mobile version of Tiscon's site has concise and crisp corporate and product information suited to the medium of communication. Based on the need, content is segregated in multiple screens for better readability.