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ITC Web Presence Create a unified digital presence through consistent and consolidated branding strategies

As one of India's most valuable and respected corporations with a rich organisational culture backed by transparent communication, ITC Ltd. has long acknowledged digital technology as a key driver for change. At the same time, the Company's diversification into many enterprises necessitated a firm and dedicated
digital media plan for digital assets enhancement. This is when our partnership with ITC began, in 1999. It has only grown strong over the years with ITC venturing successfully into emerging and powerful spaces in new media.
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Complete web presence management for the corporate brand
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Corporate Website and its mobile version

The first corporate website of ITC was launched in 1999, and it has been revamped and overhauled many times as part of a continuous strengthening and refining process. As is essential, the present corporate website is in sync with the current realities of the Company in every aspect - message, product/service offerings, sustainability initiatives et al. It also reflects the Company's heritage of respectability, reputation for innovation and also its renowned identity of dependability in all spheres. It offers a streamlined user experience, with an advanced and customized CMS.

The mobile version of the corporate website is simple & clutter free for easy browsing. It is programmed to fetch information from a centralised backend database, making updates and content management ever so convenient.

Brand Microsite

With a vibrant look and feel, ITC's new Brand Microsite is responsive and offers a fluid browsing experience - a better way to interact with the Company's many brands. A simple design, it prompts easy navigation on touchscreen. Each brand page has a brief introduction, crosslinks to other relevant communication channels, and a thumbnail-grid displaying the brand's media gallery. The sequential arrangement changes seamlessly, giving users a well-organised layout.

Digital versions of the Annual Report and Sustainability Report

The current digital version of ITC's Annual Report and Sustainability Report has been developed using parallax, a latest technology in responsive design. Page navigation happens through a sliding effect, offering users a smooth scrolling experience.

Sustainability App

With mobile data usage growing exponentially, ITC added the Sustainability App to its digital assets portfolio. We designed and developed it on Android (mobile and tablets) and iOS (iPhones and iPads) platforms with optimised content suited to all handheld devices.