Case Study

Chennai Express Utilise the digital power in the hands of a common man

A Shahrukh Khan - Rohit Shetty extravaganza, 'Chennai Express' was slated to be a blockbuster from the day it went to floor. With the positives came a lot of questions and some anxiety before the movie hit theatres. Brand 'SRK' is iconic. This fact somehow made the movie promotion

challenge more difficult, demanding something new, something not done before.

We had to harness the power of digital in reaching out to audiences and generate a huge buzz before and during the movie release.

Online Trailer Launch, Website, Online Games.
Concept design & development

Innovative Trailer Launch

To start with, we built the 'Chennai Express' brand online, collaborating with the Red Chillies' team. We leveraged the manic fan following of the lead stars to create a viral activity about the first ever digital release of a movie trailer and it did take the Twitter world by storm. The hashtag #ChennaiExpressArrives trended heavily on Twitter, fuelling a virtual train to move along a track from Mumbai CST to Rameshwaram. The trailer was released on YouTube and the teaser website when the train reached its destination.


New web design trends allowed us to present that large scale cinema experience online through brilliant visuals, innovative navigation and interactive fun. The horizontal scroll moved along with the train, stopping at the desired station to collect information.

Browser-based Games

The Chennai Express website had 7-8 different games, which were also adapted for use on mobiles (apps) and social media sites - Love Express, Poster based puzzles, Photo Booth, and Juke Box were among the most popular.