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Here ideas meet technology to design communication that engages the audience and drives a brand.

We are Allindia Technologies Ltd. - An independent communications agency, amongst the foremost in the digital domain. We provide technology enabled communication solutions that help clients reach their target audience with the most appropriate visuals and messages. With offices in Kolkata and Mumbai in India, we have built enduring partnerships with top Corporates and Brands, working as their preferred media strategy consultants.



Team Allindia is a motley crew of thinkers, artists, developers, and programmers where people with diverse talent and more diverse personalities share some surprisingly strong bonds. At Allindia, we have continuously explored the potential of breakthrough ideas to inform, involve and sustain engagement. Here teams from diverse functions work together to harness key influences to strategise, create and implement end-to-end service offerings that are effective across different platforms. They bring perspectives together to transform challenges of a dynamic medium into opportunities for creating a new impact. In time, these have become our success stories in redefining brand experience to add value across different communication channels.

Board of Directors

Ashoke K DuttaChairman

As Chairman of the Board, Prof. Dutta takes an active interest in the company's Business & Organisational Development, guiding strategic decision making and capacity building endeavours. Prof. Dutta has worked for more than 40 years in Multinational Corporations, Indian Business Houses and Public Section Enterprises. He is one of the few eminent academics in the country who has served the academia and industry with exemplary distinction. He has led the Indian Institute for Social Welfare & Business Management, been the Founder Director of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Shillong, and was the first Dean of the Business School at IIT Kharagpur. Prof. Dutta has also offered consultancy to major Private Sector Companies, Public Sector Organisations, NGOs and Government both in India and in the US and has served in a number of committees formed by the Government.

Hemant AminDirector

Hemant joined the Allindia Technologies' Board of Directors on 1st April 2001. He focuses on providing strategic support to help manage the financial interests of the company and ensures that it stays ahead of competition even in the long run. Hemant is based out of Singapore, where he is co-promoter and Managing Director of Kawamin Pacific Pte. Ltd. - an international Indian-Japanese Trading & Investment firm. He heads its capital allocation and Investment portfolio functions.

Rachna AminDirector

Rachna is associated with Allindia Technologies Limited since April 2000 as a strategic shareholder of the company and has subsequently joined the board of directors on 8th February 2002 as a Non-Executive Director. She is also the co-promoter and Joint Managing Director of Kawamin Pacific Pte. Ltd - an international Trading & investment firm. She commenced her working career in 1991 in London, UK, before moving to Singapore.

Abhijan NandyMD and CEO

The Managing Director and CEO, Abhijan is responsible for the strategic direction and overall leadership of the company. Having joined in 1998, he has been integral to the company's different phases of growth. A natural leader, he directed the team to strengthen Allindia as one of India's premier communications consulting and services agency, leading digital evolution from the front. With roots in business strategy, Abhijan also oversees the brand image of 'Allindia', lending critical insights on its positioning in market and industry. He spearheads relationship with key clients and partners.

Gopa BhaumikWholetime Director

Gopa Bhaumik has been appointed as a Wholetime Director of Allindia Technologies Ltd. with effect from 7th June 2023. Ms. Bhaumik, formerly Sr. VP - Finance, HR & Corporate Services, has been associated with Allindia Technologies Ltd. right from its inception in April-1996, and has successfully managed the Finance, Payroll and Admin related responsibilities in the Company's initial years. Since 2001, she was administered with the additional role of managing the entire gamut of Corporate Functions of the Company - comprising of Accounts, Finance, Admin, Secretarial, Legal and HR, which she has excelled in, building strong bonds with external stakeholders and partners, and helping the Company to function seamlessly. A people's person, her compassionate, cooperative and helpful nature makes her completely approachable and popular amongst colleagues, external clients and partners.


Unclaimed Dividend Statement


From our early days when we invested in several portals that were market leaders of their time, to the present day when we are exploring new avenues to serve customers across the globe, Allindia Technologies has carried forward the legacy of its birth as an initiative of IIT Kharagpur by always being on the lookout for new opportunities for investment.

In a world that is becoming rapidly more interconnected, marketers and mainstream creative agencies alike are hiring digital experts so that their creative product is 'mobile first'. At AIT, we choose to tread a different path: with a strong background in the digital domain and our experience of serving diverse clientele, we enhanced our portfolio to a 360° service bouquet. Head over to to know more.